The short way

Carfix saves you from useless trips. You can schedule a garage appointment, save all the documents in one place and set reminders to get notified before the expiring date

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You are used to having everything a click away: lunch, trips, shopping.
Why wouldn't it be the same when it comes to your car?

All your car’s documents and information in one place

You’re notified when your motor  insurance (CASCO or MTPL), mandatory technical inspection or road tax expires and when it’s time for the next car maintenance.

Schedule a garage appointment

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Fast and relaxed

Carfix reduces the time you lose on scheduling appointments to the garages. Minimize the stress you get maintaining your car

În siguranță

Datele tale sunt în siguranță, iar interacțiunea cu alte persoane este redusă la minimum.

Get it for free

Contact and complaints

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, issues or complaints regarding the services provided in the Carfix application.


30-32, Daniel Danielopolu Street,  4th floor, 1st district,  014134, Bucharest, Romania

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+40 21 539 4444



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