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Carfix saves you from useless trips. You can notify or assess a motor claim, manage payments, due dates and car documents easier, from the app.

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You are used to having everything a click away: lunch, trips, shopping.
Why wouldn't it be the same when it comes to your car?

All your car’s documents and information in one place

You’re notified when your motor  insurance (CASCO or MTPL), mandatory technical inspection or road tax expires and when it’s time for the next car maintenance.

You were involved in a car accident? Don't worry.

You can notify the claim directly from the app, and your information is filled out automatically in the claim report. This way you gain time to enjoy the journeys that matter.


Fast and relaxed

Carfix reduces the time you lose on motor claims from 3 hours, along 2-3 days, to a couple of minutes, and minimizes the stress generated by car accidents.

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Intuitive and easy to use

Carfix guides you through the claim assessment process, from photos and documents to payment request or setting an appointment with partner repair shops. All without processing costs or hidden fees.


Your information is safe and the human interaction is reduced to a minimum.

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Does it make sense to waste time with unnecessary trips? Take care of all car related tasks directly from your phone:

Notify / Assess motor claim 100% online, in just 3 steps

Step 1

Prepare the documents

Upload the documents, fill in the data about the other party involved and your data will be automatically filled out in the assessment form.

Step 2

Tell us what happened

The app will automatically guide you through the necessary steps, like filling out the details about the event: location and time of the accident, as well as the cause.

Step 3

Highlight the car damages

You are guided, using templates, to take photos as accurate as possible of the damaged parts of the car. General and detailed photos will be captured in this process and you will be able to point out the damaged area of the car and also select the type of damage. For example: scratched, bent or cracked.

Finally, check the information and send the request. That’s where we take over!

Perform a risk inspection, wherever you are

When buying an optional motor insurance, you will receive from your insurer the request for a risk inspection, directly in the app. You upload the data and photos of your car and the insurance company activates the policy.

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Contact and complaints

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, issues or complaints regarding the services provided in the Carfix application.


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